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A subdivision of Erfan Keyhani that helps individuals gain psychological and mental wellness. This healing method aims to recover the human psyche and mental software difficulties through the connection to Inter-Universal Consciousness.

- Since 2010 -

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Term 1

Faradarmani complementary medicine: Healing by Interuniversal Consciousness

(The students will receive certificate as Faradarmani practitioner)

Term 2

Introduction to mysticism and self-awareness: Cosmic harmony and modification of the two-faced behaviors.

Term 3

Introduction to mysticism and self-awareness: Control our thoughts, improve your worldview.

Term TD

Introduction to mysticism and self-awareness: Get rid of your mental viruses.

(This term is prerequisite for Psymentology and the students will receive T.D. certificate)

Term 4

Introduction to mysticism and self-awareness: Controlling the negative vibrations.

Term 5

Introduction to mysticism and self-awareness: Stop being discharged, sacrifice your negative personality traits.

Term 6

Introduction to mysticism and self-awareness: Time to discover cosmic energies and cleansing your chakras.

Term 7

Introduction to mysticism and self-awareness: Discovering the nameless worlds.


Interuniversal Mind-psychology: Discover software part of the human being, heal mental disorders.

Term 8

Introduction to mysticism and self-awareness: philosophy of religions and worship.

“…hence, matter and energy, in other words, the basis of the universe, is made of consciousness.”

M. A. Taheri

Master Taheri has held several lectures and seminars for physicians in different universities in Iran such as Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Iran University of Medical Sciences




About Us

Established in 2010, Interuniversal Mysticism Inc. is the first educational institute to educate people about Persian Mysticism and Ontology in order to create knowledge about the human being and the universe.
We are providing educational courses to help people pursue their enthusiasm in path of transcendence and are introducing Persian Mysticism as a school which can help the individuals to improve their quality of being.
Complementary medicine of Faradarmani & Psymentology are two therapeutic systems based on Interuniversal Mysticism that are the important part of our courses. Faradarmani works on physical, psychological, psychosomatic and mind-body disorders; while Psymentology helps individuals with mental disorders to reach the state of wellbeing.


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Join our courses and start your Psymentology adventure today. We make sure every class is easily understood, and that all attendants can express their concerns, ask their questions, and will ultimately reach a different level of self-awareness through these courses.

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